Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter


Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter

R42,550.00 R37,674.00

  • Update existing solar on-grid system to a hybrid system
  • Use Gen input as crucial loud output
  • Compatible with PYLONTECH, LG, BYD etc, brand battery
  • Output: 230V Single phase
  • PV rapid shutdown control, PV arc fault detection, input lightning protection, multiple inverters in parallel
  • Multiple working modes: Grid-tied, Hybrid or off-grid
  • Simultaneously manages power to/from panels, batteries, grid, load and generator
  • UPS time: less than 5ms
  • Six stages time of use setting
  • Charge and discharge up to 190A, 7.6/8Kw (120A 5Kw, 135A 6Kw)
  • Load or home power first with zero export to the grid
  • Support multiple parallels

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